Systemwide Strategic Plan

Work on the University of Minnesota Systemwide Strategic Plan began in 2016-17. Phase 1, led by Vice Provost Rebecca Ropers and then-Chancellor Stephen Lehmkuhle, was noteworthy for its high degree of consultation with stakeholders, resulting in the “Systemwide Strategic Framework,” adopted by the Board of Regents in June 2017. Phase 2 resulted in “Systemwide Strategic Priorities for 2018-19,” which the Board discussed at its September 2018 meeting within the context of the presidential transition. Phase 3, in fall 2019, involved broad consultation and presidential charges to System campuses and senior leaders to develop goals and objectives for presentation in spring 2020. The Board is expected to take action on the Systemwide Strategic Plan in June 2020.

Systemwide Strategic Plan (PDF)


Timeline for Systemwide Strategic Plan