Eastcliff on a sunny summer day with blue sky and white cloud

Welcome to Eastcliff

High upon the cliffs of the Mississippi River in St. Paul stands Eastcliff, the official residence of the president of the University of Minnesota.

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Surrounded by a white wooden fence, the home sits on two acres, along with its carriage house, summerhouse, pool, and terraces.

University Facilities Management staff manage the property, while staff from the Office of the President help run Eastcliff events.

U of M faculty in design and architecture help with renovations and improvements; U of M land-care staff design and tend the native perennials, specimen plants, and exotic trees in Eastcliff’s gardens.

exterior view of Eastcliff at sunset, with the pink and orange light coloring the white house
Rear exterior of Eastcliff showing the orange brick and Spanish-style ceramic roof tiles
Eastcliff donated by Brooks family
Square feet
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