We are equitable, diverse, and inclusive

At the University of Minnesota, we are committed to recruiting and retaining diverse talent. We are committed to cultivating a welcoming and inclusive campus climate. And we are committed to advancing understanding and nurture enduring partnerships.

77.9% U of M students agree they have a sense of belonging at the University of Minnesota.  

In a recent survey of students on the Twin Cities campus, 77.9% responded that they had a sense of belonging at the University of Minnesota. Among 10 AAU institutions participating in the Student Experience in the Research University (SERU) survey in 2021, the University ranked 4th highest in having a sense of belonging on campus.

The University of Minnesota ranked 4th among participating AAU Institutions on students with a sense of belonging at their institution.

Source: Student Experience in the Research University (SERU) Survey, 2021. Note: Other institutions are not individually identified per SERU data governance.

Nearly 3 out of 4 U of M employees are highly committed and dedicated to their work.

On the most recent Employee Engagement Survey in October 2021, 73% of faculty and staff across the University system had a favorable rating on the commitment and dedication metric. Survey response rates reached an all-time high with 75% of faculty and staff responding systemwide.

Faculty-Systemwide Results

Staff-Systemwide Results

Source: Employee Engagement Survey, Office of Human Resources, University of Minnesota

Key Takeaways

  • Results were largely stable across survey dimensions from 2019. 
  • Although there was a slight drop in commitment and dedication for faculty and staff, effective environment was stable for faculty and increased 3% for staff over the previous administration.

Recruit Diverse Students

Systemwide, the percentage of all BIPOC undergraduate, graduate, and professional students has more than doubled since 2001. (129%)

BIPOC undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, 2001-2021