Systemwide Strategic Planning

The distinctiveness of the University’s five campuses and the comprehensive and distributed nature of the System allow the University of Minnesota to be greater than the sum of its parts. Each campus has its own history and strategy for contributing to the University’s mission and vision in the way that best serves its students, the region, and the state. Together, the CrookstonDuluthMorrisRochester, and Twin Cities campuses contain a rich variety of academic departments and degree programs, all of them essential components of the University System.

In fall 2017, President Kaler charged a Systemwide Strategic Planning Oversight Committee (SPOC) to lead the development of System priorities in focus areas that align with the University’s mission and Systemwide Strategic Framework: Teaching & Learning (PDF); Research & Discovery (PDF); Outreach & Public Service (PDF); Medicine & Health (PDF); and Supporting the Mission (PDF). President Kaler has asked the SPOC to promote diversity and inclusive excellence across all focus areas in development of the Systemwide Strategic Plan.

Approved by the Board of Regents in June 2017, the Systemwide framework (PDF) highlighted ways to better connect, leverage, and align the System’s distinctive statewide resources. Currently, efforts are focused on the development of an academic program investment strategy and a long-term financial framework. System priorities are being presented to the Board of Regents. The final plan and companion website will be open for public comment in mid-2018, with a final publication aimed for late 2018.

Plan Documents

Board of Regents Meetings

Campus Plan Presentations:

Crookston (Website | Video)
Duluth (Website | Video)
Morris (Website | Video)
Rochester (Website | Video)
Twin Cities (Website | Video)

Process Updates:

October 2016 (PDF | Video)
March 2017 (PDF | Video)
September 2017 (PDFVideo)
October 2017 (PDFVideo)
February 2018 (PDFVideo)
March 2018 (PDFVideo)