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President's Campus Safety Initiative

We all want a safe campus environment—safe in every sense of the word. Recent months and events have inspired us to reflect more about what it means to feel safe, respected, and included across our University family and beyond.



To advance part of our unfinished work, we need to examine our public safety and policing. To advance that mission, the University retained CL Alexander Consulting, led by Dr. Cedric Alexander, an expert in law enforcement with over 40 years in public safety, to help facilitate conversations with our Twin Cities campus community, to help us determine where we are strong and where we fall short, and to provide any recommendations that can help bridge any divide between the University of Minnesota Police Department’s (UMPD) values and practices and our campus community’s values and experiences.

Beginning in September 2020, Dr. Alexander and his team facilitated conversations with more than 200 individuals, including students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and members of the U of M’s public safety team, representing more than 30 organizations across campus. In addition, Dr. Alexander received online and written submissions, reviewed traditional and social media, and examined UMPD practices and training.


The Report and Next Steps

The report cites “an undeniable tension” between those who feel more policing is the solution and those who feel more policing is the problem. Acknowledging these distinct viewpoints, as well as many that land somewhere in between, the full report states, “public safety and community safety go hand in hand. Community engagement that is inclusive and truly offers a voice for all segments of the UMN campus community on an ongoing basis in defining how they want to be policed is the foundation for improved alignment between UMPD and the constituencies they serve. Strengthening the mechanisms that build trust and communication, problem-solving, and shared ownership are essential.”

Read Dr. Alexander's full report 

The dozens of proposed recommendations fall into eight broad categories for response:

  1. Strengthen Trust and Legitimacy
  2. Embracing Procedural Justice
  3. Differentiate and Realign Policing Responsibilities
  4. Engage UMN Campus Community in UMPD Training
  5. Measure Outcomes and Impacts That Matter to All
  6. Use of Equipment and Technology
  7. Community Engagement in Accountability and Transparency
  8. Role of UMN As a Leader For Addressing Police and Societal Reforms

Some of the recommendations that we seek to implement immediately include:

  • Equipping UMPD officers with body cameras 
  • Continuing regular meetings with the mayors of Minneapolis and St. Paul to keep communication open and to coordinate, as needed, on public safety issues
  • Purchasing and distributing the Rave Guardian™ campus safety app to all students, faculty and staff
  • Transitioning Department of Public Safety/UMPD oversight to Senior Vice President Myron Frans’ portfolio

Implementation Team

To more closely examine and implement recommendations, we are standing up an M Safe Implementation Team, as recommended by Dr. Alexander. The team will include students, faculty, and staff. As is common practice, we will look to our partners in University governance and other key University stakeholders to provide committee representation. You may also provide feedback through an online comment form.