Department Development Committee FY 2019-20

1. Grad Student Relations with Advisors

  • Amber Powell - Doctoral Student, Sociology 
  • Tina Marisam - Director, Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action
  • Anitra Cottledge - Director, Women’s Center
  • Jackie Liu - Council of International Graduate Students
  • Elisia Cohen - Director, Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Molly Giffin - Access Consultant, Disability Resource Center
  • Char Voight - Director of Faculty Initiatives, Graduate School

2. Climate Support Network for Academic Leaders

  • Rebecca Ropers, Co-Chair - Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs
  • Chris Uggen, Co-Chair - Professor, Sociology and Law
  • Sara Veblen-Mortenson - Program Manager, President’s Initiative to Prevent Sexual Misconduct
  • Amina Jaafar - Assistant Vice President, Office for Equity and Diversity
  • Lovey Peissig - Consultant, Leadership and Talent Development
  • Scott Lanyon - Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Education
  • David Blank - Department Head, Chemistry
  • Julie Showers - Associate Vice President for Equity and Diversity
  • Jan Morse - Ombuds and Director, Student Conflict Resolution Center

3. Learning from and Supporting Academic Leaders

  • Rosie Barry - Manager of Leadership and Assessment, Office of Human Resources
  • Stef Jarvi - Director of Education, Office for Equity and Diversity
  • Boyd Kumher - Chief Compliance Officer, Office of Institutional Compliance
  • Lena Palacios - Assistant Professor, Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies
  • Elaine Tyler May - Regents Professor, Chair, History
  • Paul Ang - Prevention Program Coordinator, Aurora Center

Additional Committee Members

  • Cecilia Mazumdar Stanger - Staff to the Committee, Faculty and  Academic Affairs