Win or lose: Zero tolerance on Saturday night

Friday, April 11, 2014

Dear Students,

The actions of a few people in Dinkytown last night unfortunately marred the victory of our Gopher men’s hockey team in the semifinal game of the Frozen Four. Ten students were arrested. These actions are unacceptable and must not be repeated.

Any destructive behavior on Saturday night will be met with zero tolerance. University police, Minneapolis police, and other law enforcement from across the metro area will be present and prepared to keep the peace and to arrest suspects. Inappropriate behavior will be prosecuted consistent with the Student Conduct Code and students found responsible will face punishment and, potentially, expulsion.

Let me be clear: Just being present and watching a riot is, in itself, a violation of the Student Conduct Code. Bystanders are equally at risk of being held accountable. If you are present following the game, and it seems like things may be getting out of hand, it’s best for you and your friends to leave. In this era of social media, no one is anonymous.

To the overwhelming majority of you who will celebrate our Gopher student athletes with pride and admiration, thank you. Please talk to your friends and classmates. Don’t let a few troublemakers ruin our celebration, or mar the reputations of our student body or our great University of Minnesota.

Eric W. Kaler