Response to President Trump's executive order on visas and immigration

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Dear students, faculty and staff,

The University of Minnesota is a public, land-grant institution with a long history of global engagement. We are committed to supporting all members of our community. We are proud to be an inclusive, globally-engaged University that has welcomed students and scholars from around the world for more than a century. We have built a University community that embraces diversity, and we thrive by working toward a common goal to make the world better through education and research. 

Last Friday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that impacts immigration procedures for students, refugees, immigrants, and permanent residents from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. The wisdom of this order, its impact on our national safety, and the consequences for our students, faculty, and staff will be debated, but the issues remain of great concern to the leadership of the University. We are grateful to count among our community more than 8,000 students and scholars from around the world, including hundreds from the seven nations identified in the executive order. We have communicated with members of those communities, and we will continue to assess whether any of them have yet been adversely affected by the executive order. If so, we will help.

We remain steadfast in the commitment of our five campuses to welcome and support students, faculty, and staff from around the globe. Late Saturday, a federal judge in New York issued a stay on at least parts of the president's executive order. This is an evolving situation, and we will continue to monitor it closely. 

We remind you that immigration and legal resources are available through International Student and Scholar Services and University Student Legal Service should you have specific questions.

This University will support members of our community adversely affected by the executive order. We will advocate for you. You are entitled to be treated with justice and dignity, and the University of Minnesota stands with you.

Eric W. Kaler