Governor Dayton: "If we invest more in education, future generations of Minnesotans will be more successful. If we don’t, they won’t."

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

At his State of the State speech, Governor Mark Dayton included $10 million in his supplemental budget to keep a lid on Minnesota-resident undergraduate tuition. He also spoke about the value and impact of the University of Minnesota and of all higher education in the state. Thank you, Governor Dayton. And thank you to The Uptake for this video clip of the Governor's speech. 

Gov Dayton Proposes More Funding For MN Higher Education

His words:

"State government’s funding for higher education has also declined. In 2012, state support for the University of Minnesota, Minnesota State, and Financial Aid was, in real dollars, the lowest it had been since 1981. Once again, we have restored some of that loss, but we have still shifted too much of the costs of attending our state colleges and universities onto students and their parents.

"Both Minnesota State and the University of Minnesota were funded well below the systems’ requests last year. The University just announced that with $10 million of additional state funding in this Session, it will not need to raise tuitions next school year. I will include that $10 million in my Supplemental Budget request, along with an additional $10 million for Minnesota State, and I urge the Legislature’s bipartisan support.

"Our two outstanding postsecondary leaders, University of Minnesota President Kaler, and Minnesota State’s Chancellor Malhotra, are with us tonight. Please recognize them, please. I salute you both, and thank you for your service.

"Further damaging the future success of our colleges and universities is the chronic inadequacy of our state’s capital investments in their campuses. It’s almost impossible to provide world-class educations in antiquated buildings with leaky ceilings, dilapidated bathrooms, worn-out exteriors, and in classrooms without advanced technologies and other learning aids.

"That is why my Bonding Bill provides more money for capital improvements on Minnesota State and University of Minnesota campuses than either system requested. I know they asked for less than what they need, because they thought that was all the Legislature would support. Well… Surprise them!

"If we invest more in education, future generations of Minnesotans will be more successful. If we don’t, they won’t."